Sin Moo Hapkido – Shin Yong Do

Principles of Shin Yong Do

Shin Yong Do’s Basic Mind and Spiritual Principles

Shin Yong Do draws upon Buddhism (Mind), Confucianism (Body), and Zen (Spirit).


Buddhism moral training is the clean mind principle; one must strive to balance good and bad feelings. The network of feelings is controlled by the mind.


Confucianism training teaches doing nothing in excess. We are governed by the sense of touch and so Confucianism is associated with the body.


Zen is the practice of long steady deep controlled breathing. We build “Ki” power development through these techniques. Zen is also connected with the senses.

There are three tangibles:

  • Control the emotions, calm down and relax.
  • Long steady deep controlled breathing, this clears the mind.
  • Control the senses, this makes the body strong.

When you are able to balance all three, then you will create a strong mind power for meditation and develop internal “Ki” power. This is the essential point to balance all three areas.

When trying to understand these principles think of the complete theory. Combine the philosophies of Buddhism, Confucianism and Zen into one. Then you will understand the whole meaning. Three is one, one is three.

Shin Yong Do’s Basic Physical Principles

In a self-defense situation, a practitioner would stand their ground and wait for the assault. As soon as the would be attacker makes their move, a soft swift circular style block would deflect the approaching blow. Then in a series of counter-offensive moves involving a multitude of various techniques, the practitioners objective is to suppress their attacker.

The practitioners main goal in counter-attacks is to overwhelm their opponent with swift, self-assertive proficiency. Also in counter-attacks, techniques are taught to subdue and restrain the attacker in a less aggressive manner.

Because of Shin Yong Do’s physical approach to martial arts, it does not cater to patterns, forms, katas or imaginary shadow-boxing type exercises seen in other martial arts. This is why the student learns the art at a rapid pace.

Extensive knowledge of pressure points and the body’s vital area are also taught, the primary concept is to avoid being harmed while trying to take control over your opponent. Because strength is not a critical factor in the art, Shin Yong Do lends itself to people of all ages and sexes.

Shin Yong Do brings together in harmony the physical, mental and spiritual. Physical and mental are essential in the beginning, but at the higher level to surpass these limitations spiritual training is needed. The three is one, one is three theory.

Sin Moo Hapkido
Sin Moo Hapkido