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About Founder Croaro

About Founder Croaro

Grand Master Frank Croaro started his training in August 1986 in the art of Sin Moo Hapkido. Trained directly under Doju Nim, (founder of the honorable way) Ji, Han Jae and is one of the few first generation senior students in Sin Moo Hapkido. He was one of only two students to enroll in a traditional instructors course at that time. The instructors course consisted of 5 days a week, 3 to 4 hours per day of intense training directed by Doju Nim. When the course was completed in 1989, he was rewarded with his 2nd degree black belt. Of all Doju Nim’s senior students, Grand Master Croaro is the only one who has never studied under any other martial arts master, and he now has the honor of being the longest consistent Sin Moo Hapkido practitioner.

Endorsed in 1989 by Doju Nim, he and then Head Instructor Yung Freda were the first senior students to open a complete Sin Moo Hapkido Martial Arts school in Belmont, California, USA.

Since 1989 he has shared his knowledge and taught seminars at the World Sin Moo Hapkido Headquarters that trained and promoted martial arts masters in the USA and throughout the world. In addition, he has trained many law enforcement officers and members of the armed forces.

His qualifications include “Ki” Power development (internal and external energy), stress management (meditation), basic and special kicks, hand techniques, joint locks, pressure points, throws and strikes. Specializing in weapons training using the cane, staff, short stick, sword and knife techniques.

Honored in Seoul, Korea in 2002 by Doju Nim and Dr. Lo, Young Chul (Grand Master Lo) at the World Hapkido Master Convention held at the Olympic Center. Nominated as one of twelve world Vice Presidents representing Sin Moo Hapkido throughout the world.

Inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2007 and 2009 as Master of the Year in Hapkido.

He is a founding member of several Sin Moo Hapkido organizations. He is currently one of the directors organizing the Shin Moo Hapkido Legacy Group associated with Hapkido United. These groups are non-political organizations whose purpose is to expand the Sin Moo martial arts philosophy throughout the world.

Grand Master Croaro recognized his passion for Sin Moo Hapkido at the beginning of his training and has never studied any other form of martial arts. Years later, Master Yung Freda and an assistant Korean Buddhist Monk friend also recognized Frank’s passion and honored him with a Korean martial arts name for his strong belief in the mind, body and spirit philosophy.

In April 2014, Doju Nim awarded Frank Croaro with the title of Grand Master for his dedication and many years of support to Sin Moo Hapkido. Doju Nim also honored and rewarded him with his own Kwan (martial art, “Sin Moo / Shin Yong Do”) and title.

Frank Croaro