Sin Moo Hapkido – Shin Yong Do

Benefits of Shin Yong Do

Benefits of Shin Yong Do

You will increase the strength and flexibility of both your mind and body. You will achieve a level of physical fitness and personal growth that was not thought possible. Learn to respect others, develop self-discipline and gain self-confidence that will carry forward into every aspect of your daily life.

Internal development

Internal development is geared towards stress management. Learning to control stress by proper breathing and at the same time, strengthen your internal organs which will give you more energy.

External development

External development  emphasis is on mind-body training and is an excellent all-around fitness workout not found in many other standard health club exercise programs.


The belt system is a goal oriented personal achievement for each individual to accomplish at there own level of progress. Dedication is important in order for one to reach his/her goals. Time is not the issue; the quality of training is our main focus for completion of each belt.

Great for Children

Benefits of Shin Yong Do for Children

In our classes, children will have fun learning to develop greater respect for teachers, parents and others. Self-discipline, creating a higher sense of self-esteem and encouraging responsibility is a primary concern at our school.

Teens and Adults

Classes are designed for internal and external development. You will find self-awareness to avoid explosive situations and walk away from potential harm.


Learning how to apply the technique properly is the main focus at our school. With improved flexibility and greater strength you will develop extraordinary self-protection skills.